"The Breakfast Machine"

Wake up with
the smell of coffee.

What if we could wake up to the pleasant smell of fresh coffee and grilled bacon, along with the crisp sound of eggs getting pan-fried? That sounds like a happy morning to us.

So, to provide people with a wonderful morning experience, we decided to develop "Loraine", a robot that automatically prepares freshly-cooked, delicious breakfast.

Loraine is currently under development, with a real-life experiment planned to start from spring 2019. For updates on Loraine until her official release, please follow her here.

Loraine makes things smart.

1 App Control

Loraine can be controlled via apps on smart devices. Even a sophisticated robot like her should be easy to use.


2 Warm & Ready

The timer function makes sure that the smell of coffee and a warm breakfast will be there for you when you wake up.


3 Customizable

The menu can be customized according to your preferences. Let's spice up the rather monotonous morning routine.


4 Cartridges

The ingredients are placed in cartridges for easier setup. We aim to make the system more simple so that menu combinations can be chosen like building lego blocks.


5 Easy to Install

Loraine is developed to fit in the following dimensions: 1,200mm (W) x 700mm (D) x 500mm (H). All you need to do is to place it in the kitchen, connect to power and Wi-Fi.


6 Aesthetics

The appearance of the robot and how the food is served do matter. We want to keep the warm atmosphere of your kitchen.


A quick look at her specs.

General View




Other specifications:

- Rated input: 100/240V.

- Connects with the app via Wi-Fi.

Watch how she cooks.

Get in touch.

If you are interested in Loraine, contact us for more information.

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Meet the team.

We develop Loraine!

Mako profile pic

Mako Miyatake

Leader. In charge of robot control design and development. Loves cooking. kemako.github.io

Yugo profile pic

Yugo Inutsuka

In charge of robot design and cheering up the team. Winner of NHK Robot Contest Japan 2018. Physicist.

Shoki Profile Pic

Shoki Hattori

In charge of the electrics. Winner of NHK Robot Contest Japan 2018. Also active in Kosen and University Robot Contests. Full-stack engineer.

This team works at Connected Robotics.inc.

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